Gym Class Promises To Add Inches To Your Height

I came across an article recently that caught my eye: “New gym class A-Grow-Bics promises to add inches to your height – but is it a tall story?”

Of course I was highly amused by this title so I read on. A fitness chain called Gymbox says they have developed a workout that guarantees to make you taller. In fact, they are so confident of their claim, they even offer money back to anyone who tries it and doesn’t grow at least 2cm. Say what??? The whole thing sounds bogus to me and frankly a bit absurd. The process includes a mix of pilates, yoga and a session on a completely inhumane-looking machine.

Now I can’t speak for everyone else but I don’t think I’ll be trying this anytime soon. I’ll stick to my regular workout and high heels thank you very much!

What do you think of this workout plan?

petite problems

petite problem

Read the whole story here.

3 Responses to “Gym Class Promises To Add Inches To Your Height”

  1. Ouch! Looks to painful for my liking. I have heard of stories from people who pull themselves for height. Would probably work better if your younger (more stretch in the bones).


      Ouch is right! Getting to the gym is hard enough and thinking about laying on a machine like that wont get me there any faster 😉

  2. Gloria says:

    A quick trip to the chiropractor does the same thing. Check your rear-view mirror when you are driving away from your appointment. You should have to adjust it about an inch.

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