Boots For Petites – To Wear or Not To Wear?

Finding boots in small sizes can be a challenge but it can be done. Now that boot weather is here it’s time to start thinking about a new pair (or two). Zappos and Nordstrom are two of my favorite places to search for small size shoes. Both sites have wonderful search tools to narrow your search between shoe size, type, boot shaft height, heel height, and more. I always hear people say that petites shouldn’t wear ankle boots or boots with a tall shaft height. Like most “rules”, I break this one too because I love all boots. I wear what I feel good in and I try to keep things monochrome and here’s how you can too.

Here are a couple examples from petite celebrities who are also breaking the “rules”:

Kourtney Kardashian (5’0) on the left was spotted wearing knee high riding boots, in the center Kourtney was spotted wearing over-the-knee boots, and on the right, she was spotted wearing ankle boots. She makes all these looks work so well by keeping her leggings and tights in the same color family as her boots. This way her outfit isn’t broken up and it makes her look taller.

Kourtney Kardashian

















Rachel Bilson (5’2) – on the left was spotted wearing booties with a dress on the “red” carpet, in the middle she was spotted wearing flat ankle lace-up booties, and on the far right she was spotted wearing a pair of cut-out ankle boots. The two nude ankle bootie looks work because of their color and the black lace-up booties work well because they are paired with black leggings.

Rachel Bilson

















Looking for some boots for yourself? Here are some great options for this season (in small sizes for petite feet too!).
Emyloo Shoes
Boots For Petites
































1. Emyloo Shoes “Felicity” , 2. Emyloo Shoes “Ellie”, 3. Pretty Small Shoes “Front Row” ankle boot, 4. Pretty Small Shoes “Frenzee” flat over-the-knee boot, 5. Pretty Small Shoes “Uma” riding boot

2 Responses to “Boots For Petites – To Wear or Not To Wear?”

  1. Julianne says:

    “I always hear people say that petites shouldn’t wear ankle boots or boots with a tall shaft height.”

    What?! I have never heard that. And what does petite have to do with small size shoes… lots of women who wear petite clothing don’t have smaller feet.


      Julianne, the reason people say that petites shouldn’t necessarily wear ankle boots or boots with a tall shaft is because, visually they can make a petite woman look shorter. This doesn’t mean petite woman can’t wear these types of boots (of anyone, I know this because I wear them all the time and talk about it on this site). Regarding small shoe sizes, some petite women do have smaller shoe sizes, and yes, many do not (like myself) but finding small sizes in shoes can be a very niche problem for some women so I like to talk about “petite feet” here as well.

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