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Petite Celebrity Style: Red Carpet At The Emmy’s

Petite celebrities shined on the Emmy’s red carpet last night proving once again that just because you’re short doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous! I’ve rounded up a few looks that caught my eye including Kerry Washington (5’4), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (5’3), and Kate Mara (5’3) to name just a few. Take a look at the full roundup below.

Which look is your favorite?

Petite Celebrities
Petite Celebrities
Petite Celebrities
Petite Celebrities

Lovely In Lace: The Bachelorette Dress

Catherine The BachelorWe all have our own guilty pleasures, watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette just happens to be one of mine. So when The Petite Shop asked me to review their new “Bachelorette Dress” I was thrilled. During the last Bachelor “After The Rose” ceremony, Catherine (Sean’s pick) wore a lovely navy lace cocktail dress (pictured below). Luckily, The Petite Shop was able to track down a petite specific version and I’m happy to say I’m giving it two thumbs up!

The quality of the dress is outstanding and it fit perfectly. The details on the lace are so sweet. This is the perfect dress for a wedding or night out.

The dress is available in Navy (seen below) or in Berry and comes in size 2P-14P. To give you an idea for sizes, I am wearing a 4P.

**My measurements are:
Bust: 32B
Natural Waist: 26
Waist where pants normally sit: 32
Hips: 37

I have just enough room in the dress to feel comfortable. I wouldn’t want it any tighter otherwise I’d feel too restricted.

You can find the ‘Bachelorette Dress’ here at The Petite Shop.

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Petite Celebrity Style: Who Wore It Better?

I always love a good “who wore it better” so for this weeks petite celebrity style post I’m sharing two petite celebrities wearing the same dress by Herve Leger. Michelle Williams (5’4) wore a black-and-white Herve Leger bandage gown while attending a red carpet event in Hollywood while Michelle Rodriguez (also 5’4) wore the same Herve Leger bandage gown but in white-and-black while attending a premier for her latest movie.

I think they both look great but I’m going to have to go with Michelle Williams. Who do you think wore it better?

Petite Celebrity




















Source: RCFA

The Perfect Fit: Wedding Shoes For Petite Feet

Hi Petites!

Wedding season is here once again and as most of us with small feet know, finding shoes that actually fit can be a challenge. When it comes to shopping for your big day, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a shoe that fits. I found my wedding shoes (below) from the UK brand, Bourne. You can find their current wedding collection here.

Wedding Shoes For Petites















Here are a few options below to get you started, including styles from Emyloo Shoes, Pretty Small Shoes, and Nordstrom and check out the footwear section in the Petite Fashion Directory for more designers that offer small shoes. Emyloo Shoes offers shoes made to order with sizes starting at 2.5 and Pretty Small Shoes start as small as size 2.

Shoes For Petites


















Above: “Daryn” Sandal by Glint from Nordstrom (here)

Petite Wedding














Above: “Arden” from Emyloo Shoes (here)

Pretty Small Shoes













Above: “First Moment” from Pretty Small Shoes (here)

Pretty Small Shoes Petites


































Above: “Splendour” from Pretty Small Shoes (here)