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Celebrating Petite – The Gambita Fashion Show

On October 25th, eight fabulous petite models came together from across the country to strut their stuff on the runway and compete to become the new face of petite online “e-tailer”, Gambita. The finalist included: Anthea Leslie (5’0″), Nathaly Del Carmen (5’2.5″), Rachel Pierce (4’11), Sharon Carcamo (4’11.75”), Claudia Cutlip (5’2″), Emmy Santiago (5’2″), Kaleigh Friend (5’1″) and Salone Johnson (5’2″). At the end of the night, Kaleigh Friend was selected by the judging panel as the new face of Gambita.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the event myself but based on all the photos I’ve seen (some below), ALL the contestants rocked the runway! I’m not sure how the fashion industry came up with the notion that models need to be so tall before they can even step foot on a runway but Gambita has certainly proven otherwise. Petite women can walk the runway just as fiercely as any other 5’9″ runway model out there. In my opinion, it’s all about the attitude and confidence — not the height.

Gambita winner, Kaleigh’s advice to her petite peers? “Don’t let anyone tell you that caring about fashion means you’re shallow or silly“.

Gambita Fashion

Gambita Gambita Petites Gambita Fashion Show
Gambita Petites
The new face of Gambita, Kaleigh Friend!
Gambita Clothing
(Photos: c/o Gambita)

Petite Designer Spotlight: Allison Izu

I’d like to introduce my guest blogger for the fifth and final day of Petite Fashion Week, Allison Izu Song from Allison Izu.

Jeans . . . it’s a love/hate relationship for most of us, and for those of us who stand tall at 5’4″ and under, it’s sometimes more hate than love. . . .

I am a designer who is 5’2″. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology to learn all about fashion and design, and what I left school realizing was that the fashion industry does not consider petite women when designing.  We are more of an after-thought, even though we make up the majority of American women.  So I decided to make it my mission to create clothing specifically for women 5’6″ and shorter.

Allison Izu PetitesMy name is Allison Izu Song – a guest blogger for Petite Fashion Week; and my brand Allison Izu focuses on making petite women feel and look long, lean, and beautiful.  For me, it is all about changing the proportions of the clothing and how they fit our shorter frames.  For jeans and pants, I take up the knee break and slim out the high thigh and knee area.  This creates a longer leg line, especially if you love wide leg trousers or bootcuts.  Then I work to re-proportion the inseam by creating customized inseams in a 27″, 29″ and 31″.  Lastly, I change the details, smaller back yoke and back pockets (to lift and perk up the derriere) and smaller front pockets and fly.  (Smaller details are better for our smaller frame.)

And throughout this whole process, I am still trying to create a jean or pant that is comfortable (always using quality fabric with stretch) and that will last for years . Everything I design is 100% Made in America. I want you to enjoy wearing pants again!

So how do you shop for petite clothing, in a sea of clothing made for taller women . . . KNOW YOUR PROPORTIONS.  Like I said, I’m 5’2″. I know I have a longer torso, and shorter legs (27″ inseam, please) and I also know I don’t have a defined waist; I’m pretty straight-bodied.  So I dress accordingly – I like to tuck in my shirt whenever possible, even if it’s a casual tuck in (just a quick tuck in of the front of the shirt, leaving the back hem out). This helps to elongate my legs.  I also love to wear skinny or straight jeans, which I will roll the hem of to show my ankle.  This helps to show off the skinniest part of my leg, which makes me appear skinnier!

I also try new things . . . wearing a higher rise on pants was foreign to me, but I tried it and I like it.  It definitely makes my bottom half appear to be the longer half. I also use tricks to make me feel better – a lower neckline is more appealing on my body frame, and I try to layer as much as possible to create interest.  For those of us with a curvier body, I would suggest wearing tops that hit your high hip. Don’t cover your beautiful hips, just accentuate them in a different way.  And if you have longer legs than your torso, you would probably favor a lower rise or a mid-rise pant, worn with a flowy top. I would also suggest wearing accessories which are longer (longer necklaces) to create the illusion of a longer top half.  It’s all about thinking of your body as shapes and then understanding what you want your shape to look like to others.  Knowing your body is half the battle, and the other part of the battle is trying new things.  Take the time to try on things you wouldn’t have before – and enjoy the process!!!

Allison IzuI am a designer and advocate for petites, and hope through events like Petite Fashion Week we can bring awareness to this sector in fashion, and make demands from other companies to keep us in mind while designing.  GO PETITES!

Please check out my website, – I am currently working on expanding my collection to include tops and other fabrications other than denim.  For Fall 2013, I am going to release some great basics in black denim, and also play with mixing black pleather with black denim!  I am also creating casual, comfy tops for everyday.  And for Spring 2014, I am creating a color-blocked collection of black and white with pops of prints and patterns inspired by Hawaii.  I always bring back my basic shorts and will introduce new fun trend shorts, too.

And feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you would like to see in a new collection or how something fits (or doesn’t fit). I have been designing Allison Izu for almost 5 years now and I learn so much from suggestions and comments from my petite customers. Thank you so much!


Check out Allison’s bio on the Petite Fashion Week website here.


Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts

Today I’m covering, Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts for Day 3 of Petite Fashion Week.  I figured there was no better way to do this than to ask the expert herself, Emily Krause, owner of Emyloo Shoes.  Emily was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding petite footwear and give her expert opinion when it comes to the do’s and don’ts.

Petite Fashion Week


Why did you start Emyloo Shoes?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in fashion. I am very petite (4’11”, 98 lbs), so over the years I have learned how to become extra resourceful when it comes to shopping and assembling outfits that fit and flatter my tiny frame. Age appropriate is key. This means carefully handpicking elements from children’s stores (jeans are jeans, right?), juniors’ sections and finding select pieces from specialty shops for petite women. Since my days as a fashion-forward teen, I have always been determined not to let my size affect my ambition to be stylish and keep up with the trends – I am always up for the challenge!

Footwear, however, was the area of fashion that provided me with the most frustration. I have very small feet and have never been able to buy shoes from any major retailer. I remember trying on my prom dress for a fitting at a boutique in my hometown, and feeling particularly disappointed that I would not be able to wear a cute pair of heels like all my friends. My mother started chatting with the boutique owner (a fellow petite) who, as it turned out, had a private collection of small sized shoes she had acquired from traveling to different countries around the world. She said she had the perfect pair of heels to go with my dress, and we bought them the next day. I was so excited to have my first pair of grown up heels that fit! From that moment on, the idea of Emyloo Shoes was born.

KendallWhat are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to petite shoes?

I personally throw out all the rules when it comes to fashion. If you can rock a particular style, that’s really all that matters! Of course, there are always tips that are helpful to flatter a particular body type, such as petite. For example, many customers wonder if they can pull off certain styles of boots, such as ankle or mid-calf boots, because their legs are shorter. I use the general rule of thumb for boots: When in doubt, tuck in slim fit jeans or leggings and pair with a tunic top or sweater to create a streamlined shape. Choose boots with at least a 2.5 inch heel to add height and elongate your look. Slouchy styles tend to work best for mid-calf boots. Try to avoid bare legs in ankle boots, as this can give the appearance of shorter legs. Lastly, knee-high boots look great for all body types, just as long as the shaft height and calf circumference is the correct size.  The great news for Emyloo customers is that we give the option to submit personalized measurements for the best fit!

What can we expect for upcoming Emyloo styles?

Our fall/winter collection (coming soon!) ranges from classic to trendy. Classic styles include tried and true pumps and peep-toe heels, while some of our trendier styles include chunky heels and fun textures. We’re seeing a bit of a 90’s revival trickling down to footwear this season. Ankle boots are also very popular! All of our shoes are made-to-order, and many Emyloo styles are customizable by color and heel height, giving our customers the option to add personal touches to their shoes.











Please feel free to contact Emily at with any questions or suggestions for Emyloo Shoes. She’d love to hear from you!

(Photos: c/o Emyloo Shoes)

Petite Fashion Week

Petite Fashion Week will be launched for the first time by founder Debonita of “Elegantly Fashionable”. To help kick start this great idea we have some lovely petite bloggers (myself included) and petite retailers going all out to make this event a success.

Petite Fashion Week

Petite Fashion Week will kick off tomorrow October 1, 2013 to October 5, 2013 in the UK and USA online. During this week we will address specific pain points endured by petite girls/women as well as highlight some wonderful petite retailers. Later this week I am inviting two amazingly talented petite retailers to guest blog for me — Allison Izu from Allison Izu Petites and Emily Krause from Emyloo Shoes.

We will also be hosting an event in London as a part of the Petite Fashion Week. The event will be hosted by Debonita and other UK petite bloggers.

Meet the UK and US Petite Fashion Week Team:

Debonita from Elegantly Fashionable – Founder of Petite Fashion Week

Caroline Misan Alvo from Gambita: Founder of New York Petite Fashion event & US Coordinator

Juliana from Buzzing Trends: UK Coordinator

Poppy from Miss Everyday Elegance: UK Coordinator

Donna from The London Mum: UK Coordinator

Becca from Petite Fashionista: US Coordinator

Amity from Life Between The Lines: US Coordinator

Elizabeth from The Petite Shop: US Coordinator

So if you’re on Twitter, follow along during the week with hashtag #petitefashionweek to learn all about different petite pain points, petite designers, petite retailers, petite footwear and more!