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Calling All Petites!


Being petite and trying to break into the modeling industry can be exhausting. Luckily, Gambita, the newest fashionable online boutique for petites has just launched a petite model search and they’re looking for you! Gambita is passionate about creating a community of proud petite women and this is just one of the many ways they’re doing it. Gambita wants to highlight real petite women who are beautiful inside and out.

Check out all the details here. Contest begins August 1st.

Gambita: Fashionable Clothing For Petite Women

Ever find yourself traveling from store to store searching for something that will fit or spending even more time at your tailor? I think we’ve all been there but thanks to the new online boutique, Gambita, shopping for a petite body just became so much easier and much more fashionable.

Gambita ClothingGambita founder, Caroline Misan Alvo knows what it’s like first hand. Being petite herself and standing at just 4’9″, Caroline set out to find a better way for petites to shop by researching and working with designers that tend to cut their clothes on the smaller side.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Caroline to discuss Gambita, dressing a petite body, and what we can look forward to from Gambita in the future. Check out our conversation below:

Petite Fashionista: What is Gambita exactly? 

Caroline for Gambita: Gambita is an online store that sells clothes exclusively for petite women. We do this by aggregating clothes from different designers that are “petite-friendly” and, when possible, we ask that designers re-design items in petite proportions.  Our hope is to not only make shopping an enjoyable and easy experience for petite women, but to inspire petite women to own and love their smallness.

Gambita literally means “little shrimp” in Spanish. My husband gave me this nickname and I loved it; once it came time to name the company I didn’t have to look too far for the perfect name.

What inspired you to start Gambita?

I’m 4’9” and shopping has always been a nightmare for me. I always assumed that my shopping “issues” were due to the fact that I was exceptionally short, but after countless conversations with other petites, I found that virtually all petite women face similar challenges. It dawned on me that there must be a better way for Gambitas to shop, and thus Gambita as born.

What types of clothes can petites find on Gambita and what are the designers you’re currently carrying?

Petites can find a range of contemporary pieces on Gambita, from fun tops, to dresses, to jeans to skirts. We carry the following designers: Alice & Trixie, Yumi Kim, Keepsake, DL 191, Skinny Jeans, LAmade, bySmith and Viereck. Much more to come in the future!

Being petite myself, I know that finding the right fit can be a struggle sometimes. If I order something from Gambita and it doesn’t work for me can I easily return? 

Of course, we offer free shipping and free returns. In addition, if you have any questions about how a certain item will fit, just write to us and we’ll schedule a call to give you all the fashion tips you need.

How often does Gambita receive new styles?

We’re constantly looking for new styles and we’ll release new styles as often as possible.

Being petite yourself, what advice would you give to other petite women when it comes to fit and style?

1. For tops, make sure the top the sleeve actually lines up with your shoulder (like this one). If the sleeve inseam is dropping down your arm that just won’t look right.

2. Stay away from items that have a lot of excess fabric and lack shape. Your petite frame will get lost! If you’re going with an item that has a loose fit, make sure you keep your shape with a belt, like this dress.

3. I’m a big believer in fun prints but just make sure that the prints are not too big, otherwise it will throw off your petite proportions. I love this dress because it incorporates so many fun prints and colors but the details itself are small so it won’t overwhelm us petite gals.

Ultimately, it helps to know some general guiding principles to follow for your body type, but you should wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident!

What can petites expect to see from Gambita in the future?

More fabulous styles from petite friendly designers! We’re hard at work to find designers that make amazing pieces for all parts of your life. We’ll tailor our offering based on what our customers want most, but we strive to be a one-stop shop for all your wardrobe needs, from work to play 🙂


Thanks to Caroline, she’s giving all Petite Fashionista’s a 10% discount with the following coupon code: Gambita4PetiteFashionista so head over to today and enter the code at checkout!

Here are just a few pieces you can find on Gambita now:

Gambita Petites

Gambita Petite

Gambita Clothing







































































Happy Shopping!!

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Labworks: The Petite Friendly Collection From Target

Hi petites!

I came across a post from the Target Style Facebook page with the caption “Sophisticated, versatile and perfect for every body” so of course it caught my eye. I took a look at the collection and was surprisingly pleased with what I saw. Each piece is classic but updated with a stylish twist. The collection is a bit pricier than your average Target clothes but still very reasonable. Even though the collection is on the smaller side (21 petite size pieces total) they all work together very well. You could easily by just a handfull of items and work them together for multiple outfits.

Target Labworks

Unfortunately, the collection is only available online so I’ll have to order with my fingers crossed that something fits. Has anyone ordered from the collection yet? If so, let me know what you think!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the petite collection:

labworks target dress

Labworks Petites Belted Sweater Dress – $49.99

labworks petite jacket

Labworks Petites Long-Sleeved Tweed Jacket – $54.99

labworks petite sweater

Labworks Petites 3/4 Sleeve Sweater with Detachable Cowl Neck – $44.99

target petite labworks

Labworks Petites Metallic Tunic Top – $29.99

Browse the Labworks petites collection here!

Gym Class Promises To Add Inches To Your Height

I came across an article recently that caught my eye: “New gym class A-Grow-Bics promises to add inches to your height – but is it a tall story?”

Of course I was highly amused by this title so I read on. A fitness chain called Gymbox says they have developed a workout that guarantees to make you taller. In fact, they are so confident of their claim, they even offer money back to anyone who tries it and doesn’t grow at least 2cm. Say what??? The whole thing sounds bogus to me and frankly a bit absurd. The process includes a mix of pilates, yoga and a session on a completely inhumane-looking machine.

Now I can’t speak for everyone else but I don’t think I’ll be trying this anytime soon. I’ll stick to my regular workout and high heels thank you very much!

What do you think of this workout plan?

petite problems

petite problem

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