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The Petite Guide To Wearing Oversized Sweaters

Hi petites!

One of my readers recently emailed with a question regarding oversized sweaters and how to wear them on a petite frame.

“Hello PF, I love how oversized sweaters look on other people, but every time I have tried one on, it looks frumpy and I can’t help but feel like a little kid trying on mom’s clothes. Any advice on how to wear one so that it looks flattering on a petite frame? Any brands you would recommend?”

I wanted to share this topic with everyone because I know a lot of petites will be asking themselves the same question later this season. My answer is: if worn correctly, petites can definitely wear oversized sweaters. Of course, anytime something includes the word “oversized” you do want to make sure you’re wearing it and it’s not wearing you but like I always say, you can pull off just about anything if done right.

When it comes to oversized sweaters, just like many other items, it’s all in the proportions. As long as you aren’t wearing an oversized sweater that’s two sizes too big you should be fine. Instead, look for a sweater that’s just slightly oversized. When it comes to styling, I like to wear a slightly oversized cardigan sweater with leggings or skinny jeans and belt the cardigan — this gives you shape by creating a waist.

Here are a couple of favorite oversized sweaters from my closet.

Oversize Sweaters Fall





















Sweater (TJ Maxx) // Leather leggings (Express) // Boots (Seychelles) // Belt (borrowed from a dress)

Chunky Fall Sweaters





















Sweater (TJ Maxx) // Denim (Paige Jeans) // Booties (Report Signature) // Belt (Target)

Kardashian Kollection – Reader Question Follow Up

Is the Kardashian Kollection for petites only? I followed the link and it looks as if I can buy their clothes in Spain, but there was no guide to the sizes and of course if it’s not designed for petites I wouldn’t want to buy skirts, trousers and anything with long sleeves which could look wrong even if I altered them. Can you please provide a link to their sizing guide? Small and medium can mean anything!  — Sue
I finally had a chance to head to my local Sears to check out the Kardashian Kollection for myself. The selection wasn’t huge and the quality wasn’t terrible, the fit was hit and miss but to my surprise they did have a petite size denim! Everything was sized XS – XL while denim started at 0 and had the “Kourtney Petite” denim (however no actual size guide available which seems odd).

I was pleasantly surprised with the “Kourtney Petite” skinny denim in red. I tried a size 2 and the length was great — no hemming needed (I’m 5’3 on a good day). The “Smoky Paneled” leggings fit nicely too in XS. Again, no hemming needed. What confused me though was that both the denim and the leggings were $68. $68 for leggings is pushing it for me (especially at Sears).

The blouses fit terribly. I know the trendy thing to do is wear your blouses large and baggy but come on — I looked like I’d just thrown on my husbands dress shirt. The arms were so long I couldn’t even function without rolling them up half a dozen times. I wouldn’t call this one a “Kourtney Petite” by any means.

Everything I tried on can be found here. All in all, the tops were a disaster and the bottoms worked well for me but I didn’t walk out the door with any new clothes. Hope this helps. If you try the “Kollection” let me know what works and doesn’t work for you.

Kardashian Kollection


“Contact Us” Form Up And Running Again










This was me this morning – disappointment and frustration at its finest.

I found out my ‘contact’ form for the site hasn’t been working for quite some time now. If you’ve used the form and it said “successfully sent”, it was lying – it never actually delivered your message to me. What the “successfully sent” message actually meant to say was “successfully sent to somewhere in la la land”.

I just wanted to apologize for the confusion and let you know it is back up and running now so feel free to contact me again 🙂

Thanks for understanding and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Petite And Pregnant – The Petite Maternity Guide

Hi Petites!

We all know that finding clothes for a small frame can be a challenge, but when you’re petite and pregnant the shopping experience can sometimes become even trickier. I’ve recently had a few questions from readers asking about where to find the best items for their petite pregnancy wardrobe so this is why I’ve decided to share with you some of my best finds for petite maternity wear as well as some great maternity looks for fall and winter 2011.

First things first, here are some great tips/rules to follow when shopping for petite maternity clothing:

1. Check for sales on sites before you shell out bucks for outfits you’ll only wear for a short amount of time.

2. Check for a description of each petite size to make sure clothes won’t be too long for your small frame.

3. Look for stores with easy return policies to avoid getting stuck with outfits that don’t fit.

4. Find what you want and check eBay to compare prices (you never know what you might find on eBay) plus, when you’re only wearing something for a couple months or so it can be nice to find a deal!

General fashion tips/rules for pregnant petite women:

1. Choose subtle prints instead of larger floral or geometric designs.

2. Avoid oversize clothing and clothing with excess fabric. Clothes that don’t fit properly add unnecessary bulk so instead, look for tops that don’t overwhelm your small frame.

3. Avoid tops with horizontal stripes (especially during your 3rd trimester).

Here are some links to my favorite finds for petite maternity clothing:

Bella Blu Maternity

Isabella Oliver Maternity

Thyme Maternity

eBay Maternity (goes directly to eBay maternity section)

Old Navy Maternity

Gap Maternity

Japanese Weekend Maternity

Trendy Tummy Petite Maternity

While sweatpants and sweatshirts are fine at times, make sure you grab some pieces that you really love and that make you feel your best! Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of fashion. Work that baby bump!

Here are some of my favorite 2011 fall/winter looks for petite maternity clothing:

Petite Maternity Jacket











Belted Wrap Jacket from Isabella Oliver – perfect for fall/winter weather and very flattering

Petite Maternity Jeans











Tailored Cigarette Pant from Isabella Oliver

Petite Maternity Clothing










Kimono Sweater from The Gap