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Petite Style Guide: Bridesmaid Dresses For Petites

Do you ever have a difficult time finding a dress that works for your petite figure? Here’s a great guide to follow when you’re looking for that perfect dress or in this case, the perfect bridesmaid dress.

Most of us would think that plus size women often face the problem of finding the right dress to wear. While in some instance this is true, petite ladies also encounter the same dress issues and this also comes true when looking for the right bridesmaid dresses. In this post, we are going to talk about the appropriate bridesmaid dress designs for petite women and face the fashion challenges of looking great during weddings.

Petite Bridesmaid Dresses













1. Mermaid cut bridesmaid dresses – Ever wonder why mermaid style dresses are suitable for small women? It’s because the dress draws more attention to the curves of the wearer rather than the length. This is perfect because it eliminates the illusion of length by decreasing the cut of the design that will make you shorter. This is what petite celebrities like wearing most of the time when they attend to formal functions and grand wedding events.

2. A-line bridesmaid dresses – This type of dress is always flattering to petite women as it enhances your length for it creates an illusion of height and makes the wearer a lot taller. You can find a lot of A-line bridesmaid dresses at thegreenguide’s and you can also take advantage of their hot and trendy styles as all the bridesmaid dresses from the Green Guide are updated to meet every fashionista’s discriminating taste in dresses.

3. Knee length bridesmaid dresses – Knee length gowns and dresses are suitable for small women because not only will it create an illusion of height, but it also showcases the lovely legs of the wearer. No matter how simple or intricate the dress will look, just make sure to manage the length of the dress to be right between your knees (or even below the knees) and you’ll look perfect all over.

What Not To Wear: Petite women should try to avoid wearing these styles of bridesmaid dresses in order to maintain a stunning overall look.

1. Halter bridesmaid dresses – For petite women who are blessed with large bust and a curvy waistline, try to avoid wearing this type of dress because it often highlights the upper part of your body but not on the lower end. And chances are, you body will just look disproportioned and you will end up looking unattractive.

2. Sheath bridesmaid dresses – Sheath dresses are made to hug the body and make you look sexy. This is not recommended for small ladies because it will only enhance your small frame and in turn will reveal your true height.

3. Floor length bridesmaid dresses with long trains – This is also a no-no for petite ladies because it will only make you smaller and you will appear like you are wearing a dress that’s not your size. Aside from that long trains creates an impression that you are ‘dragging’ you dress, which contributes to the unappealing look kinda like a small girl wearing a big woman’s dress.

Don’t dismay if you are small or petite for there are a handful of bridesmaid dress designs you can take advantage of to make you look nice and pretty on the wedding day. Hopefully you have learned something new on this post about finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for petite women.

Petite Gowns For The Big Day

It’s that time of the year again! The time of year for all things weddings. Every year I like to share my favorite petite friendly wedding gown looks and tips for dressing your body shape in the perfect gown.

Petite Wedding Dresses

{Photo Source: Nordstrom}

Here are a few of my helpful tips to remember when searching for your perfect gown:

  • Try to forget the trends and focus on what works best for your figure.
  • Look for material that is not too full and not to thin (avoid overwhelming ball gown silhouettes
  • Look for dresses that have bodice detail and detail around the natural waist. This lengthens the look of the dress.
  • Keep the details small and the waist high to flatter your petite frame.
  • Remember not to limit your search to petite sizes only. You’ll have to alter regardless. Almost every bride will need to alter her dress to fit but buying petite will probably cut down on some of the altering costs.

If you’re searching for your wedding gown and don’t know where to start, take a look at the Petite Brides section in the Petite Fashion Directory for more ideas. If you’ve already found your gown but need some help finding the perfect shoes, find some petite wedding shoes here.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding dresses for petites this season:

{J.Crew Arabelle Gown $575.00}

Petite Wedding Dress















{Ann Taylor Petite Goddess V-Neck Wedding Gown $550.00}

Petite Wedding Gown














{Ann Taylor Petite Silk Georgette Mermaid Wedding Dress $550.00}

Petite Wedding Gown

The Perfect Fit: Wedding Shoes For Petite Feet

Hi Petites!

Wedding season is here once again and as most of us with small feet know, finding shoes that actually fit can be a challenge. When it comes to shopping for your big day, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a shoe that fits. I found my wedding shoes (below) from the UK brand, Bourne. You can find their current wedding collection here.

Wedding Shoes For Petites















Here are a few options below to get you started, including styles from Emyloo Shoes, Pretty Small Shoes, and Nordstrom and check out the footwear section in the Petite Fashion Directory for more designers that offer small shoes. Emyloo Shoes offers shoes made to order with sizes starting at 2.5 and Pretty Small Shoes start as small as size 2.

Shoes For Petites


















Above: “Daryn” Sandal by Glint from Nordstrom (here)

Petite Wedding














Above: “Arden” from Emyloo Shoes (here)

Pretty Small Shoes













Above: “First Moment” from Pretty Small Shoes (here)

Pretty Small Shoes Petites


































Above: “Splendour” from Pretty Small Shoes (here)

House of Fraser – A Dress Collection For Everyone

Looking for a new dress? I have the perfect place for you!

House of Fraser is a premium department store group with 61 stores throughout the UK and Ireland. Thankfully, they also have a wonderful online store with fast international delivery so everyone can buy their premium branded merchandise.

Their dress collection is amazing. From maxi dresses to wedding dresses — you name it, they have it. So why am I telling you about this? Because they have petites of course! They actually have a wonderful petite collection that not only includes dresses but everything in between. With the holidays fast approaching (yes, I said it) House of Fraser is the perfect place to look for a sparkly New Years cocktail dress too. Take a look and let me know what you find!

Have you shopped House of Fraser before?

Here are a few of my favorites from their petite dress collection.


Minuet Magenta Pleated DressPrecis Petite Spot Print Jersey Dress

From left to right: Minuet Petite Magenta Pleat Detail Dress – £ 39.00 // Precis Petites Spot Print Jersey Dress – £ 99.00