Isobella Jade at Work…

Hey Christa,

This past week I did a shoot for the LaCroix handbag company at my studio where I work with Harkrider Fine Arts and represent the painter Anthony John Gray. You can see his paintings in the background. For the handbag shoot I put on my favorite little black dress and jumped on the couch and grabbed my favorite LaCroix bags from Jacquelyn LaCroix’s collection.

I have worked with Jacquelyn many times and it is pretty cool to know that Jacquelyn uses petite models in her ad campaign and press kits often. I model on her website and catalogs too and Jacquelyn is an example of a designer embracing the petite woman, and it shows how petite girls are used in ads and for modeling accessory products.
She also likes petite models because, ” They make the bag look great, they make the bag look powerful.”

I hope you like these pictures!

Isobella Jade

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  1. CynthiaC says:

    Isobella Jade has a featured article in this month’s Prospere Magazine. Please check it out at:

  2. Liza says:

    Beautiful handbag with decent shape and colour… Check out some more most wanteds here

  3. Cute girl with a decent handbag.. 🙂

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