Patagonia For Petites?

No such thing.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to pick up this super lightweight down jacket from Patagonia. Call me crazy, I mean it’s not exactly fashionable but let me tell you, living in the Northwest this baby will come in handy. Also, I’ve been wanting to take up hiking as a hobby (gasp) and camping (gasp again) so it’ll definitely get some use.

With all this said, my wonderful husband surprised me with one for my birthday this week. Unfortunately when I put the X-Small jacket on we both burst into laughter — I looked like the Michelin “marshmallow” man — with sleeves so long my hands disappeared and the shoulders were so large I looked like I was going to play football. So after a good laugh we headed down to the Patagonia store to return and hopefully exchange for something else. Since they don’t have petites (sigh) I decided to try the little girls section. Surprisingly, they had the exact same jacket ( with no flower decals or fancy colors) so I tried on the XL and it fit perfect. Usually the arms would be too short but it worked great so I am now the proud owner of a little girls XL down jacket for $100 less than the women’s jacket!

So while it may not be fashionable on the streets, I’ll be the envy of all other campers on the trails!

Where do you get your outdoor gear?


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  1. redbird says:

    A friend of mine has the same problem, so she usually goes to the Kids sizes. I know Patagonia also has this item for Kids, so you may want to consider it. (It’s also cheaper!)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love Nau (and have no affiliation with them besides being a satisfied customer). The quality and function are similar to Patagonia, but they seem to put much more thought into the cut and style. I have the urbane jacket and the down blazer, both in size xs and I love love love them both. My urbane jacket has kept me dry through five northwest winters, and gets compliments regularly.


      I’ll definitely have to try Nau now that you say that! They definitely have more style than Patagonia too. Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth 🙂

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