Celebrating Petite – The Gambita Fashion Show

On October 25th, eight fabulous petite models came together from across the country to strut their stuff on the runway and compete to become the new face of petite online “e-tailer”, Gambita. The finalist included: Anthea Leslie (5’0″), Nathaly Del Carmen (5’2.5″), Rachel Pierce (4’11), Sharon Carcamo (4’11.75”), Claudia Cutlip (5’2″), Emmy Santiago (5’2″), Kaleigh Friend (5’1″) and Salone Johnson (5’2″). At the end of the night, Kaleigh Friend was selected by the judging panel as the new face of Gambita.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the event myself but based on all the photos I’ve seen (some below), ALL the contestants rocked the runway! I’m not sure how the fashion industry came up with the notion that models need to be so tall before they can even step foot on a runway but Gambita has certainly proven otherwise. Petite women can walk the runway just as fiercely as any other 5’9″ runway model out there. In my opinion, it’s all about the attitude and confidence — not the height.

Gambita winner, Kaleigh’s advice to her petite peers? “Don’t let anyone tell you that caring about fashion means you’re shallow or silly“.

Gambita Fashion

Gambita Gambita Petites Gambita Fashion Show
Gambita Petites
The new face of Gambita, Kaleigh Friend!
Gambita Clothing
(Photos: c/o Gambita)

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