Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts

Today I’m covering, Petite Feet: The Do’s and Don’ts for Day 3 of Petite Fashion Week.  I figured there was no better way to do this than to ask the expert herself, Emily Krause, owner of Emyloo Shoes.  Emily was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding petite footwear and give her expert opinion when it comes to the do’s and don’ts.

Petite Fashion Week


Why did you start Emyloo Shoes?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in fashion. I am very petite (4’11”, 98 lbs), so over the years I have learned how to become extra resourceful when it comes to shopping and assembling outfits that fit and flatter my tiny frame. Age appropriate is key. This means carefully handpicking elements from children’s stores (jeans are jeans, right?), juniors’ sections and finding select pieces from specialty shops for petite women. Since my days as a fashion-forward teen, I have always been determined not to let my size affect my ambition to be stylish and keep up with the trends – I am always up for the challenge!

Footwear, however, was the area of fashion that provided me with the most frustration. I have very small feet and have never been able to buy shoes from any major retailer. I remember trying on my prom dress for a fitting at a boutique in my hometown, and feeling particularly disappointed that I would not be able to wear a cute pair of heels like all my friends. My mother started chatting with the boutique owner (a fellow petite) who, as it turned out, had a private collection of small sized shoes she had acquired from traveling to different countries around the world. She said she had the perfect pair of heels to go with my dress, and we bought them the next day. I was so excited to have my first pair of grown up heels that fit! From that moment on, the idea of Emyloo Shoes was born.

KendallWhat are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to petite shoes?

I personally throw out all the rules when it comes to fashion. If you can rock a particular style, that’s really all that matters! Of course, there are always tips that are helpful to flatter a particular body type, such as petite. For example, many customers wonder if they can pull off certain styles of boots, such as ankle or mid-calf boots, because their legs are shorter. I use the general rule of thumb for boots: When in doubt, tuck in slim fit jeans or leggings and pair with a tunic top or sweater to create a streamlined shape. Choose boots with at least a 2.5 inch heel to add height and elongate your look. Slouchy styles tend to work best for mid-calf boots. Try to avoid bare legs in ankle boots, as this can give the appearance of shorter legs. Lastly, knee-high boots look great for all body types, just as long as the shaft height and calf circumference is the correct size.  The great news for Emyloo customers is that we give the option to submit personalized measurements for the best fit!

What can we expect for upcoming Emyloo styles?

Our fall/winter collection (coming soon!) ranges from classic to trendy. Classic styles include tried and true pumps and peep-toe heels, while some of our trendier styles include chunky heels and fun textures. We’re seeing a bit of a 90’s revival trickling down to footwear this season. Ankle boots are also very popular! All of our shoes are made-to-order, and many Emyloo styles are customizable by color and heel height, giving our customers the option to add personal touches to their shoes.











Please feel free to contact Emily at with any questions or suggestions for Emyloo Shoes. She’d love to hear from you!

(Photos: c/o Emyloo Shoes)

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  1. Cheryl Hart says:

    My daughter has the hardest time finding cute shoes in her size, I just came a cross this brand and am very interested in checking out the shoes or possibly ordering custom, is there a catalog?

    Thanks so much!

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