Petite Fashion Week

Petite Fashion Week will be launched for the first time by founder Debonita of “Elegantly Fashionable”. To help kick start this great idea we have some lovely petite bloggers (myself included) and petite retailers going all out to make this event a success.

Petite Fashion Week

Petite Fashion Week will kick off tomorrow October 1, 2013 to October 5, 2013 in the UK and USA online. During this week we will address specific pain points endured by petite girls/women as well as highlight some wonderful petite retailers. Later this week I am inviting two amazingly talented petite retailers to guest blog for me — Allison Izu from Allison Izu Petites and Emily Krause from Emyloo Shoes.

We will also be hosting an event in London as a part of the Petite Fashion Week. The event will be hosted by Debonita and other UK petite bloggers.

Meet the UK and US Petite Fashion Week Team:

Debonita from Elegantly Fashionable – Founder of Petite Fashion Week

Caroline Misan Alvo from Gambita: Founder of New York Petite Fashion event & US Coordinator

Juliana from Buzzing Trends: UK Coordinator

Poppy from Miss Everyday Elegance: UK Coordinator

Donna from The London Mum: UK Coordinator

Becca from Petite Fashionista: US Coordinator

Amity from Life Between The Lines: US Coordinator

Elizabeth from The Petite Shop: US Coordinator

So if you’re on Twitter, follow along during the week with hashtag #petitefashionweek to learn all about different petite pain points, petite designers, petite retailers, petite footwear and more!

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