Introducing Our Newest Guest Blogger!

Hi Petites!

Please join me in welcoming fellow petite, Catherine Couture. She’ll be providing Petite Fashionista with some wonderful updates on different topics regarding petite clothing, shoes, and more. If there is anything particular you’d like to see or read about please let us know in the comments. Until then, here’s a little note from Catherine. Enjoy!

petite fashionista

I’m Catherine Couture., a very petite 4’10. I am originally from Northern Minnesota (not a lot of petites live there) but have called the San Francisco Bay Area home for many years. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband and my mini poodle Louie when I’m not shopping. My background is in Financial Services but I have always loved clothes and fashion.

I decided to start blogging about petite fashion because of my frustration over the lack of petite clothing options. On a recent trip to NYC, I visited Macy’s Herald Square (the world’s largest department store). When I asked about the petite department, I was told there was no petite department and there were a few petite pieces mixed in by designer. I didn’t find much.

I decided to start blogging to help answer the question that always comes up when I meet other petites: “Where do you find clothes”?

Cheers! Catherine

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