Petite on the Street

When I spotted today’s petite on the street at a birthday party I cursed myself for forgetting my camera and decided her vintage look was too good to pass up. So, I tracked her down at The Drake where she runs the Make Sale Series on Thursdays which features the work of local designers.

Who She Is

At 5’3 Sarah Magwood is the embodiment of how to make vintage and vintage inspired looks work for petite individuals. After speaking with her I was not surprised to learn that Sarah is a milliner and vintage retailer for her own Cozette vintage and designs

What She’s Wearing

• Vintage inspired dress from French Connection
• Shoes from Winners
• Vintage purse, bandanna and ring

Wearing Vintage

As a retailer and consumer Sarah knows vintage and she says it’s perfect for petites. Considering women in the past had generally smaller frames, petite women are prime candidates to wear vintage clothing. Even vintage shoes tend to run in smaller sizes.

So consider taking advantage of the vintage option for great fit and unique flare.

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