Petite on the Street

by Susanna Commisso

I love a pair of sturdy, sexy boots! As an accessory, they can make an entire outfit. 

The 5’3 petite in today’s post is wearing a simple grey sweater and black pants but her boots take the outfit to another level. They also lengthen her leg and give her a little lift. 
Remember a few years ago when the style was to wear your boots under your pants? I always thought that was such a waste of a good boot design… all hidden away under my jeans. Although it was a great excuse to wear my boots with a sexy dress or skirt, I’m glad the fashion Gods have deemed it fashionable to show off a pair of sultry boots for all they are worth!!!

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Bye for now!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Christa I love the idea of peite on the street, Do you actually take pictures of petites on the street. I think it is a good idea to interview them.

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