The Shortest Runway Model…

Twiggy (5’4) was the shortest runway model in American history and she was a supermodel! I was surprised to find out her height, while I knew she was on the shorter side of models, I thought she was closer to the height of Kate Moss and Devon Akoi (both 5’6). If you look back at pictures of Twiggy, she never looked her height. She carried herself with such a confidence and she she moved like a dancer. Where is the Twiggy of our time? I’m sure she’s out there, probably being told that she’s too short.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that is insane ! i always thought twiggy was about 5 foot six . i am twelve years old and 5 foot seven . i have always wanted to model but thought i was too short. maybe when im older and done growing i will give modeling a shot . i just hope im not called too short

  2. Anonymous says:

    tats awsome! im so glad people give sort people a chance to become a model! im 14 and im only five foot one. i hope i have as big of a chance as twiggy did.

    • jordan says:

      Hey! I’m 14 and I’ve never modeled. Since I’m only 4 11, finding a job doesn’t sound like its in my favor unfortunately :/ I’ve heard a lot of negetive things about shorties like myself and its rather intimidating. Although I reallllly wanna do this! Does anybody have an idea of where I could get started? It would mean a bunch to meh. Thanks! ☺

      • Lalla says:

        Hi. J, firstly do you have an agency?

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve always wanted to model too. I’m short (5″1 & 14). Is there a place where you can submit photos or something? I’ve been told before I could model and was almost hooked up with an agency but they ended up saying that they only accept 18 and older in order to avoid and targeting of younger women. Any suggestions?

          • Sam says:

            We’re twins omg. I’m the same age and I’m also 5’1. I want to be a model too but my dad is 5’0 and my mom is 5’6. I’m already taller than my dad but there’s probably no way I’m passing my mom. Ugh.

      • Anushka says:

        I’m 15 and 4’10. And I share same desires as you. My parents don’t know I’m aiming towards modelling.
        You can apply to Ford Modelling Agency.
        They have height measurements that apply to us.
        All the best!

  3. zoe syrup says:

    is she really that height every where else on the internet say she is 5"6 or 5"8 ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Where is the Twiggy of our time? I'm sure she's out there, probably being told that she's too short."

    I wish I could be the Twiggy of our time, I'm 4'9 and 16yrs old, everyone tells me I'm too short.

    i want to start a revolution of short models!


    • Emily Ross says:

      WOO HOO! yessss lets start a revolution! im 4’11 and 13 and I am being told im too short

    • noreen canatoy says:

      oh me!, I am 4’10 and 15 yrs. old and the shortest in our class, i really really want to be a model and i’m dying for it, but then i don’t have a chance because the most important requirement is the height and i’m not fortunate to have it,, i know that I can walk like those runway models but then again i don’t have even a single oppurtunity to prove myself that I am better…. Modelling is so unfair….

  5. natt says:

    I'm 18 and 5'2, and since I was around 10 I wanted to be a model.. when I hit 14 I sort of realised that was not gonna be possible! I wish twiggy was from our time.. that way we'd have a chance!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Brisa said
    omgns thats tall am 4"10 and ive always wanted to be a model but i guess i just wasnt bulit for it

  7. Anonymous says:

    i am right here! being told I`m too short!

  8. Livie says:

    I wish i could become a model, i'm 16 yrs old, and 5ft4 – and it kills me knowing that modelling agencies just shrug you off cus ur short! Its pathetic. I feel that i could make myself look taller and i could do it – just like twiggy, but if they don't give you the chance to show it, then how are we ever gonna get another Twiggy?!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I'm 14 and I recently got scouted. I was 5ft3 and the agency told me that I needed to be at least 6 inches taller if I wanted to model for them. They have given me 6 months, and I'm currently 4 months in and I've only grown half an inch. It sucks !

  10. Anonymous says:

    i am 14 and 5'5 and modeling is my dream. if i become about 5'7, i will give it a shot and become a success story like kate moss.

  11. stephee Michelle says:

    i always find it kinda funny when people are like im 5'7 , i wish i could be a model … i say go for it, im only 4'11 and i stopped growing long ago i think my chance is over but i really hope the industry changes soon, they are missing out on so many beautiful girls

  12. Anonymous says:

    You other girls are a bunch of wimps if you're going to let your height get in the way. I'm 5ft2 and I haven't let my height get in the way. I have a wonderful portfolio and I pose and look just as good as the taller girls. If you really wanted to model, you'd be working at it and ignoring all the jerkholes who say you can't and going for it. Height is not an issue. It just means you have to work a little harder to get what you want.

  13. Alanna says:

    I want to be a model so bad. I'm 14 and around…5'2". Everyone tells me I'm short and my parents won't even let me try to be a model because if that.):

  14. Anonymous says:

    I Really Wanna Be A Model That Is My Passion But The Only Problem Is Im 5'2 But I Dont Care What Anybody Say Ima Be The Shortest Model In The Industrial Because I have Faith

  15. oh no! im 14 and im still 4'10! ill never be a model!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can't belive that one of the most famous models ever was the shortest!! That really makes me happy. My sister says that I'm NEVER gonna be a supermodel because I'm so short. But I believe that if you really work hard at what you want to do when you're older than you will succeed. And I'm only 5'2 and modeling has been my dream for a while!! If Twiggy can we can!!!!!

  17. I've wanted to be a model since I was little, but I've never been typically pretty, and not very tall~ which is the main problem. But knowing Twiggy achieved Super Model status at her height blows my mind!

    I'm a dreaded 5'0 tall girl, but luckily my legs look super long in heels!
    Plus, now that I don't have to take my medication anymore (which caused some major weight gain), I can lose it all and try to get in to modeling.

    I'd love to be friends with anyone interested in the same thing! 🙂

    • Anushka says:

      Hi, I’m 15 and 4’10. I’m kinda pretty ( not being boastful, but as people say). I’m interested in modelling. Please care to mail to me if you find an opportunity for us. 🙂

  18. Hope Alvear says:

    Im shooting after my dream of being a model, I take classes for IPOP and my show is this saturday im probably to short, im 13 and im 5"3 but i barely started growing, im going to 8th grade and i remeber in the middle of my seventh grade year i was 4"11 and i grew four inches, i just hope i dont stop growing[:

  19. Syd says:

    omg im 5’2″ so i have hope? i really just want to model for athletic gear. but idk what im supposed to do… im stuck

  20. e.d. says:

    well i am 17 years old, my height is 5’7 and its not that short, but basicly short. they always tell me that i should be taller if i want to be a serious model, but i’m hoping that maybe someday i’ll succeed even if its hard to believe in it 🙂

  21. sed says:

    Im a model for john casablancas modeling agency. you do not have to be tall to model but u must be tall to be a runway model because the audience can see the clothes easily.. im 5’2 and dreamed of doin victorias secret but i cant walk the runway at my height even in 5 inch heels because i may be 5’8 but theyre like 6’7 in heels..dont be discouraged

  22. Dominique says:

    I hope that i’m the Twiggy of this generation not only is she an inspiration but i’ve been doing photography and being a self model for myself for about 6 years and when i was younger people use to tell me that i could be a model because my mom was 5’10 and they expected me to be her height but i got my dads genes and im 4’11 now and 17 and now no one really tells me that anymore they just say i have nice photography skill instead of modeling skills. But regardless i’m going to try my best to become a runway model even if i have to learn to walk in giant stiletto shows to fake it! I believe the only thing i need to work on it having a stronger aggressive personality, many people say my personality is glowing but im also just a little to nice at times, i need to be a little more mean! haha

  23. Noname says:

    Okay, I’m 17 and 4’10. Looks like I can still get my hopes high to break that record.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kourtney Kardashian is only 5’0 and she models all the time. I mean, i know she is famous already, but still, if they give her a chance, they should give us short people all a chance, we deserve it, right? 🙂

  25. Hello? says:

    Actually, Twiggy was between 5’6 and 5’8. That was a different era. Same with Kate Moss. These women had a look that had never been done before at the time. They also knew very influential people. Unless you have an extraordinarily different look and know someone huge in the industry, don’t count on being a model. Being a model is not the greatest and most important thing in the world. Rather than obsessing over being a model, you girls should find something more realistic and productive things to do. Stop being so shallow and naive. Pick up a book, learn a language, travel the world…etc…In other words, do something interesting and intellectually stimulating with your life. Do something that actually contributes to society. If you are not 5’9, you are not going to be a famous supermodel. Be real. And no, Kim Kardashian doesn’t count. Her fame stems from a porn tape. She should not be a role model to anyone.

  26. Maddy says:

    I just turned 13 and I’m 5’6 1/2″. I grew 2 1/2 inches since February, so if I grew another 1 1/2 by August of 2013 I could be a runway model at 14!!! I was invited to a modeling open call and had to walk the runway yesterday. It was so fun (: hopefully they accept me into their agency!!!!!!

  27. I’m 5ft 5inch and i’m a model and got that email saying i’m too short too! 🙁 check out my portfolio always got bump on height requirements but will not stop me modelling. and i am proud saying that i’m 32 years old but come visit my portfolio… i’m pretty damned good for 32 years old and a MOM

  28. Katlyn Bradford says:

    I am 4ft ‘9 and I have been doubting myself for along time but I want to know would I have any chance at being a model with this height I tried to sign up but the shortest height requirement was 5 ‘7 and I just want the opportunity to be a model.

  29. Kirby- lee Saxby says:

    That is awesome because I am a very short girl for my age I am 163 cm and I’m 16 years old and I want to runway I have been in photo shoots but runway is just amazing !!!!!!!!

  30. Monique says:

    I’m 16 and height 5’3 I’ve been trying to find agencies accepting petite models in San Diego but many people claim I am simply too short ):

  31. Anonymous says:

    Everyone please remember that twiggy was a model in the 1940’s. right now in 2012-2013 they want girls at least 5’7 that is even a stretch. You also have to be supper long legged even without heels and have less then 32 around the chest (bra size wise) and i have heard someone say there are 7 billion people in the wirld, but only 7 are supermodels and theyre right. I dont mean to crush anyones dream but if you are five foot, and not very longlegged , thin ir pretty, it most likely will not happen.

  32. amber says:

    ok well i am 21 and i am only 4’11 i have always wanted to be a modle but i know i am way to short for it, frustrated because its always been one of my biggest dreams and goals in life how dose it matter how tall you are if you are modling makeup,hair color,or shampoo and conditioner just dnt understand it if anyone can help me or have any suggestions let me know.

  33. Jennifer Alfaro says:

    Well I’m Jenny one of my dreams is to be a model but I’m short I’m 5’1 and I want to achieve my dream but I don’t know if it is possible to short people like me!

  34. Renéé says:

    I’m short and curvy (double curse) ! I’m signed with an agency that only took me on for my face.
    I’m 1m65 which is 5’4 I think. I’ve been said no to so many times. I’m really happy I have an agency but I don’t get a lot of work because of my height.

    I wish there were more agencies that hire short girls because there are so many of them with so much potential !

  35. Samantha says:

    Hi my name is samantha i am 27years old. 4ft and 11ins tall, i weigh 105 pounds, i have long blonde hair. All i have ever wanted to be was a model but every one i have talk to has told me i am to short.
    I would love it for short people to be treated equal

  36. Maddie says:

    This is really amazing. I’ve always wanted to model, but every time I mention it to someone, they say, “Oh, you’re too short.” It really sucks. I’m 13 and only 4’9. I’ve been told that I have a model’s figure, jut on a short girl. Is there any agency anywhere that JUST MIGHT take short girls????

  37. Megan says:

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